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David van Asselt

David van Asselt

David is a dedicated and talented athlete that enjoys competition. He has an athletic background in marathons, orienteering, hiking, mountain and road biking, and is the most experienced adventure racer on the team.

We credit Dave for having helped us start the original Team Quest and grow in to Gravity Matters. It was Dave that first introduced us to the local Possum Trot Orienteering Club which has provided us with invaluable orienteering skills. He also first introduced us to the Kansas City Adventure Racer's Club, which at the time was little more than a group of interested people getting together for training events. It was the first KCAR BlackOps #1 that Dave, Aaron and Casey did that helped get us hooked and started with Adventure Racing. Dave's the nicest guy you'll ever meet on the course.


Punishment on the Prairie 2001
Berryman Adventure 2001
Raid the Rock 2001
Ozark Challenge 2002

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