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Casey Caughron

Casey Caughron  
Casey Caughron

Casey has been a part of Gravity Matters since it’s inception. Casey has always been adventurous, even from a early age. "I’d like to say my first orienteering event came when I was 4 years old living on the farm. I wanted a drink of water from Grandma so I snuck out of the house with my favorite cup and navigated a half mile to Grandma’s house through high weeds, a ditch, and a pasture full of cattle." Casey started road cycling in the 5th grade and has been biking ever since. "I hated the hour ride on the school bus and since we lived in the country, Mom got tired of driving me into town." He was also a competitive swimmer throughout most of his youth, qualifying for State in high school. Casey"s adventure racing strengths are navigation, mountain biking, and determination.


Punishment on the Prairie 2001
Berryman Adventure 2001
Raid the Rock 2001
Lake Murray Winter AR 2002
Ozark Challenge 2002
Berryman Adventure 2002
Extreme Heart Challenge 2003
Berryman Adventure 2003
Robber's Cave 2005

Casey Caughron

Casey's Corner

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