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Brandi Resa

Brandi Resa  
Brandi Resa

Brandi actually began her adventure racing career as a volunteer at the 2001 Berryman Adventure Race. Observing the race sparked an immediate interest for the sport. Although Brandi has always enjoyed the outdoors, she was an all-state high school basketball and softball player in high school and an All-American softball player at the University of Missouri-Columbia during college. It is only recently that Brandi has begun bike riding and orienteering. The three reasons Brandi is hooked on the sport of adventure racing is the team dynamics and the mental challenges of the sport as well as the fact it gets her out of the office where she spends most of her day working as an accountant. One of Brandi’s favorite quotes is "success is a journey, not a destination."



Lake Murray Winter AR 2002
Ozark Challenge 2002
Mark Twain National Forest AR 2002
Berryman Adventure 2002
North Georgia AR 2003
Greanleaf Challenge 2003
Ozark Challenge 2003
Rock, Roll and Rattlesnake Challenge 2003
Mark Twain National Forest AR 2003
Raid the Ridge 2003
Berryman Adventure 2003
Raid the Ridge 2004
Quartz Mountain 2004
Beast of the East 2004
Robber's Cave 2005

Brandi's Corner

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